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At Lawyer’s Realty Group, we combine real estate expertise and legal knowledge to provide our clients with a higher level of service and representation.

We specialize in real estate matters that are beyond the qualifications of ordinary real estate agents.  Through creative problem solving and focused legal strategies, we overcome obstacles that often derail residential real estate transactions.  

Foreclosure Alternative Homeowner


We are happy to announce our new Homeowner Protection Program which provides free assistance to California homeowners who are in need of mortgage relief. Our fees are fully funded through lender settlements and governmental programs. Whether you are trying to remain in your home long term or looking to walk away without liability, there are a number of options available. We will help level the playing field between you and aggressive banks for the best possible outcome.

  • FREE Real Estate Attorney Homeowner Advocate
    (call the attorney DIRECTLY and get answers NOW)
  • FREE Covid-19 Forbearance and Loan Modification Representation
    (suspend your payments and put them on the back of your loan)
  • FREE Foreclosure Postponement and Trustee Delay Services
    (stop any active foreclosure immediately)
  • FREE Lien Avoidance Motion to Remove Liens and Judgments
    (clear your title so you can refinance in the future)
  • FREE Short Sale Legal Counsel, including MLS Listing and Full-Service Brokerage
    (sell your home and put money in your pocket)
  • FREE Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
    (only if needed, discharge those debts and live debt-free again)

What you Need to Know About California Loan Modifications!

Find out what lenders are looking for and why they deny so many loan modification requests. 

Complete the form below to get the Loan Modification Report today!

California Loan Modification Report

Stuck in Loan Mod Gridlock?

Forbearance Loan Modification

Are you tired of playing guessing games with the bank and resubmitting documents every few weeks?

The LOAN MOD TRAFFIC LIGHT is a FREE TOOL that demystifies the loan modification process and explains, in practical terms, whether you qualify for a modification, what numbers the banks are using and what you can say or do to facilitate approval.

  • Learn how the Net Present Value test (NPV) affects principal reductions and approval.
  • Determine your Front-End Debt-to-Income ratio and the possible modified terms available to you.
  • Discover other options that will help you avoid foreclosure and extend your time in the home.

California Probate Forms

Every California probate case requires numerous forms to commence, administer and conclude the probate successfully.  These forms can be confusing and sometimes contradictory. The process is daunting and almost certainly...

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Forbearance Loan Modification

Exiting Mortgage Forbearance Safely

Mortgage Forbearance Provided Temporary Relief, But What Happens Next? For most California homeowners impacted by Covid-19, a mortgage forbearance was an excellent option to alleviate the immediate financial hardship. BUT...

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What must the Personal Representative do after being appointed? The Superior Court of California provides the following guidance on it’s website, The three primary responsibilities of a personal representative...

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Attorney Real Estate Expert

California Anti-Deficiency Laws

California has laws which prevent a lender from seeking a deficiency judgment in certain circumstances. These anti-deficiency laws are located in California Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) Sections 580b, 580d,...

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Common Words Used in Probate Cases

Administrator: the person (usually the spouse, domestic partner, or close relative) that the court appoints to manage the estate of person who dies without a Will. The administrator is also...

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How to Avoid Probate in California

Probate court proceedings are normally required to transfer the assets of someone who has passed away.  These proceedings can be complicated, contentious and expensive.  Knowing this, many people take steps...

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Short Sale


Short Sales have become the most popular and most successful alternative to foreclosure. A short sale allows the homeowner to sell their property and avoid the negative aspects and damage...

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Free Legal Liaison Program

Let us take the burden off of you and make the process easier. LRG’s FREE Legal Liaison Program is designed to help families make wise decisions during the probate process as...

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Loan Modification Warnings

Consumer Warnings – Frauds and Scams

The possibility of losing a home to foreclosure can leave homeowners feeling frightened and desperate. Many unscrupulous companies and scam artists are taking advantage of this vulnerability by peddling fraudulent...

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Short Sale and Loan Modification Expert

What Is Lawyers Realty Group?

LAWYERS REALTY GROUP is an attorney owned and operated real estate brokerage. It was formed to help level the playing field between struggling homeowners and the lenders/servicers who are threatening...

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Foreclosure Alternative Homeowner


Whether you are trying to remain in your home long term or you are simply looking to walk away without liability, there are a number of options and alternatives available...

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Mortgage Protection. Foreclosure avoidance

California Purchase Money Protections

California Code of Civil Procedure §580b One of California’s strongest anti-deficiency statutes is California Code of Civil Procedure § 580b (the purchase money, anti-deficiency statute). In its present form, CCP...

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