What Is Lawyers Realty Group? Can They Help Me With My Foreclosure Or Short Sale?

Thanks for coming to Lawyers Realty Group; we’re here to help homeowners struggling with foreclosure or contemplating a short sale in the Southern California area. It’s obvious that we’re in the midst of a foreclosure crisis. Within a few miles of my office there are over 1300 active foreclosures. Orange County is losing 500-1000 homes to foreclosure every month. California as a whole had 200,000 foreclosures last year and I don’t see signs of that slowing down. The families that are facing foreclosure are not only going to lose their home, but they also face credit damage and they may be facing liability from their lenders for years to come.

My name is Derik Lewis and I’m a real estate attorney and licensed broker. I created Lawyers Realty Group in an effort to combine my legal knowledge with my broker skills to help homeowners facing foreclosure. A vast majority of these foreclosures are avoidable and I’ve made it my mission to help as many homeowners as possible by doing a short sale and getting the lender to pay the bill.

If you’re struggling to make your mortgage payments or are already in default and facing foreclosure, I’m here to help. I’ve helped countless homeowners who are facing decreased pay, job loss, increased mortgage payments and other tragic situations that have been created by the mortgage meltdown. I’m able to bring 20 years of real estate experience to the table. As a lawyer at a large law firm I represented some of the large banks and I’m now taking everything I learned from representing them and providing it to you while getting them to pay the bill. At this time it’s important that you have active ongoing legal representation as well as real estate services. You should be able to receive both of these at no cost. I’ve solved this problem by forming Lawyers Realty Group. Let me be clear that I am a lawyer and can provide you with the direct representation that you need. My loyalty is to you, the client.

I want you to know that you have options; you don’t have to suffer through this alone because I’m here to help. Take a look at the resources on my website; you’ll find a lot of information about foreclosure, ways to avoid foreclosure such as a short sale and you’ll also find a number of videos that address various topics regarding foreclosures and short sales. Also on my website you’ll be able to submit questions directly to me and I’m here to help.

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