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LRG FREE Legal Liaison Program

Our Free Legal Liaison Program  is designed to help families make wise decisions during the probate process as well as take some of the most burdensome tasks off their hands. The information below will further explain your options as you begin to navigate this process.

When you feel ready, please call me. I will answer all of your questions without cost or obligation, and offer you sound advice based on years of legal and real estate experience.

We’ll Do the Heavy Lifting During the Probate Process

As an Attorney/Realtor for over 20 years, I have helped countless families who were pressured into regretful decisions and were left facing unforeseen tax and legal consequences. Most so-called “real estate experts” are single-minded, offering one-size fits-all options, because they are unqualified to counsel you on more beneficial solutions. There are numerous options that are not being presented to you, such as:

  • Keeping the home for your family or as a rental (and securing funding for this purpose)
  • Securing a no-interest cash advance for repairs and rehabilitation of the home
  • Reducing reverse mortgage balances in order to refinance or sell
  • Negotiating a reduction in home loan balances to sell and secure more equity
  • Selling the home in a quick market sale while avoiding wholesalers and quick flips
probate and trust consult

Benefits of Our Free Legal Liaison Program

Your Legal Liaison will help you to navigate the complex issues involved in the probate process. You should know ALL of your options before signing a list agreement or purchase contract.

Here are a few benefits of having a legal liaison on your side during this process:

Be on-call to answer questions as they come up and be available when your probate lawyer is busy.

Coordinate with you and your lawyers to translate legalese into English.

Review all property related contracts and agreements to ensure your interests are being protected.

Assist in coordinating local tasks such property inspection, safeguarding, clean out, moving and storage.

Secure funding to keep the home as a residence or an income rental.

Arrange a reverse mortgage reduction to create equity in the home.

Advance repair costs and oversee contractors to increase the value of estate property.

Arrange cash advances on inheritance for heirs and devisees.

Negotiate lien removal and debt reduction to lower burdens that would otherwise drain money from the estate.

Negotiate with creditors to lower the financial burden on the estate.

Conduct a fast sale to a real buyer, not a wholesaler or quick flipper

Negotiate a short sale to generate money for the estate even if the mortgages exceed the home value.

Because we take the time to understand the unique needs and concerns of our clients, we can offer them highly customized solutions. Do not sell the home to a wholesale “flipper” like “we buy ugly houses.” They simply sell the home to another buyer for profit within days of signing the contract with you.

We can do better and secure a higher price for you.

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Free Legal Liaison Program

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