Foreclosure Timeline Allows For Distressed Property Owner To Consider Options

Hello everyone Derick Lewis here with Lawyers Realty Group in Southern California thank you for your time today. I work with Southern California homeowners every day that need to sell their distressed property fast and I use my blog to share my experiences with homeowners in similar situations. If your mortgage is underwater or if you can no longer afford your payments please take a minute to browse my website or call my office to chat with an expert about your real estate options.

For my blog today I wanted to talk with Southern California homeowners about the expected time line of a foreclosure and what to expect from your lender. First off, on average a Southern California homeowner can go as long as nine months from missing a payment before actually being kicked out of their home. This leaves plenty of time to consult with an agent about the numerous options in front of you for selling your home before the sale date. If you do fall behind on your mortgage payments you can expect to see plenty of mail from your lender notifying you of the pending legal implications. These communications should not be taken lightly and are a good indication that your lender is ready to begin foreclosing on your home. With this long of a timeline, and the numerous options available to you, there is no reason why a Southern California homeowner should allow a foreclosure to exist on their home.

If you are ready to talk with an expert about selling your distressed property please fill out a contact form on my website or call me today to get started. Just remember, your bank has a lawyer and so should you.

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