Loan Modification and Short Sale Expert

A Word About Short Sale “Experts”

No matter how many weekend short sale certifications a real estate agent may hold (like CDPE or SFR), they are simply not equipped to evaluate your situation or counter the tactics used by the banks in a short sale. The only true “short sale expert” is an Attorney/Realtor® who has handled hundreds of short sale closings.

Attorneys are trained in the law and learn adversarial negotiations. Real estate agents are trained in cooperative negotiations (like the discussions between a buyer and seller in a “regular” transaction). Your situation involves a mortgage default (which is a breach of contract) and you may already be in the legal foreclosure process. Agreeing to a short sale has legal, tax and contract implications which require an evaluation by an Attorney. You are proposing a legal settlement in the form of a short sale. The approval letter from the bank is a written settlement agreement. You must have an Attorney/Realtor® to be appropriately protected.

Real estate agents are legally barred from discussing legal and tax issues, they can’t draft provisions for your protection, and they can’t review the short sale approval letter or the Arm’s-Length Affidavit. This leaves you COMPLETELY UNPROTECTED in a short sale transaction. Listing your home with just any “local” broker or a friend-of-a-friend who is a real estate agent, no matter how many short sales they may have closed, will expose you and your family to legal and financial peril.

The basic realty tasks of marketing and selling your home are actually the easiest part of a short sale. Lawyers Realty Group has a pool of interested buyers and employs extensive marketing efforts across multiple platforms. We have offices and personnel in cities throughout Southern California. We have successfully completed hundreds of short sales, and each one of our clients can rest assured that there are no “loose ends” or future collections actions that will come back to haunt them. Our clear advantage is the Attorney/Realtor® representation. Don’t be misled by a real estate agent “teaming up” with a lawyer. You need and deserve the direct representation offered by Lawyers Realty Group.

I’ve closed hundreds of short sales, and I spent over a decade of my legal career representing national banks like Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase. I know how they operate, and I know how to work within the system to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your difficult situation. Let me put that knowledge and experience to work for you. You can email me here or you can call me at (949) 613-5920.

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Attorney Real Estate Expert


LAWYERS REALTY GROUP is an attorney owned and operated real estate brokerage that was formed to help level the playing field between struggling homeowners and the banks who are threatening them with foreclosure, eviction, deficiency judgments, and collection actions.

Unlike traditional real estate agents, loan mod companies, bankruptcy attorneys, litigators and others who aggressively market their particular one-size-fits-all solution regardless of a homeowner’s future liability and financial well-being, Lawyers Realty Group provides clients with a customized analysis of their options, free legal counseling and clear direction on how to best resolve their particular mortgage issues – all without charging fees to the homeowner.

Derik N. Lewis, Esq., is the founder and president of Lawyers Realty Group. Derik is a California real estate attorney and a licensed Realtor® . He graduated magna cum laude from Boston University School of Law and has nearly 30 years of real estate experience. For more than two decades as an attorney in private practice, Derik has represented California homeowners with difficult real estate matters. Derik previously served as legal counsel for some of the world’s largest lenders including Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase (he knows how they operate and how to work within their systems to help you achieve the best possible outcome). He is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Southern California School of Law speaking on real estate law, brokerage and litigation.

Professional Associations

  • Admitted to all State and Federal Courts in California
  • California Bar Association
  • Orange County Bar Association
  • National Association of Realtors
  • California Association of Realtors
  • Orange County Association of Realtors
  • California Regional Multiple Listing Service

No Cost Services

Free legal analysis of all of your options, including how to limit or eliminate tax and deficiency liability.

Complete representation for the option that best suits your situation, whether you need assistance in reviewing a loan modification, filing bankruptcy, seeking a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, pursuing a planned foreclosure or selling in a short sale.

Free Bankruptcy filing in the BK/Short Sale package.

Free legal review and fraud analysis of all solicitations from the bank, real estate agents, lawyers or others.

Free and complete short sale representation including MLS listing, marketing, negotiation, deficiency waivers and closing. You need an Attorney/Realtor® to provide legal leverage and fully protect your interests.

Have Questions?

We are here to answer any questions you have!

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