LAWYERS REALTY GROUP is an attorney owned and operated short sale brokerage. It was formed to help level the playing field between struggling homeowners and the bank lawyers who are threatening them with foreclosure, deficiency judgments and collection actions.

Traditional real estate agents are simply not trained to deal with the underhanded tactics used by the banks, and it is illegal for those agents to discuss or negotiate the legal and tax issues raised in a short sale. This leaves homeowners vulnerable and unprotected. By combining a real estate brokerage with the knowledge and skill of an experienced real estate attorney, Lawyers Realty Group is able to provide full protection for homeowners while charging all costs and fees to the bank.

Clients of Lawyers Realty Group receive free and comprehensive legal counseling, a full analysis of all options, and vigorous representation on both the legal and transactional sides of a short sale. We specialize in handling all aspects of short sale transactions, from listing and marketing homes to negotiating with the banks and commencing legal action when necessary. Lawyers Realty Group aggressively represents clients against the banks and maximizes every advantage for homeowners to help them begin their financial recovery.

Homeowners facing foreclosure or seeking a short sale can find help from a skilled real estate broker and experienced short sale attorney by contacting Lawyers Realty Group.

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