• Is your loan modification request taking too long?
  • Is the bank asking you to submit your paperwork over and over again?
  • Not sure how they evaluate the numbers or whether you even qualify?
  • Have you already been denied?
  • Is the loan modification process driving you crazy?

You are not alone!

Many homeowners are becoming increasingly frustrated by the slow pace of the loan modification process and the mystery surrounding how banks make their determinations.

The LOAN MOD TRAFFIC LIGHT is a FREE TOOL that demystifies the loan modification process and explains, in practical terms, whether you qualify for a modification, what numbers the banks are using and what you can say or do to help facilitate approval.

There is no charge or obligation for this service. Simply enter your information into the Loan Mod Traffic Light system and answer a couple of questions to get a customized evaluation in an easy to understand format. You will receive a RED, YELLOW or GREEN light along with an explanation of the issues surrounding your loan modification and clear direction about what options are available to help you.

  • Free customized and personalized analysis using your specific numbers.
  • Learn how Net Present Value (NPV) affects principal reductions and approval.
  • Determine your Front-End Debt-to-Income ratio and the modified terms that might be available to you.
  • Get access to free or discounted do-it-yourself loan mod packaging and forms along with step-by-step instructions.
  • Find out what you need to submit, who to talk to and what to say.
  • Discover other options that will help you avoid foreclosure and extend your time in the home.