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Make Sure Your Lender Is Reaching Out To You

Hi, this is Derik Lewis with Lawyers Realty Group here in Southern California. At Lawyers Realty Group, we have attorney and broker experience to help you with all of your short sale transaction needs. If you’ve watched the video on the foreclosure timeline and processing, you know that the lender is required to reach out […]

What Is Lawyers Realty Group?

LAWYERS REALTY GROUP is an attorney owned and operated short sale brokerage. It was formed to help level the playing field between struggling homeowners and the bank lawyers who are threatening them with foreclosure, deficiency judgments and collection actions. Traditional real estate agents are simply not trained to deal with the underhanded tactics used by […]

How Long Can The Foreclosure Process Take?

Hello, I’m Derik Lewis from Lawyers Realty Group in Southern California. Lawyers Realty Group is here to answer all of your questions about short sale transactions. Currently I’m discussing the non-judicial foreclosure process in California. I wanted to show you some of the documents that lenders would send you and some of the things you […]