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California Purchase Money Protections

  California Code of Civil Procedure §580b One of California’s strongest anti-deficiency statutes is California Code of Civil Procedure § 580b (the purchase money, anti-deficiency statute). In its present form, CCP § 580b provides the following: No deficiency judgment shall lie in any event after a sale of real property […] for failure of the […]

A Word About Short Sale “Experts”

No matter how many weekend short sale certifications a real estate agent may hold (like CDPE or SFR), they are simply not equipped to evaluate your situation or counter the tactics used by the banks in a short sale. The only true “short sale expert” is an Attorney/Realtor® who has handled hundreds of short sale […]

Consumer Warnings – Frauds and Scams

The possibility of losing a home to foreclosure can leave homeowners feeling frightened and desperate. Many unscrupulous companies and scam artists are taking advantage of this vulnerability by peddling fraudulent loan mod services, loan audits, class actions/mass joinder, trustee postponement services and other predatory schemes. Most of these schemes are quite sophisticated, and almost all […]

Do Short Sale Negotiators Need A Real Estate License? What about a Law License?

California Business and Professions Code 10131 sets forth those activities that require a real estate license. Subsection (a) refers to selling and buying and negotiating the purchase or sale of real estate. Subsection (d) refers to negotiating loans or performing services for borrowers or lenders in connection with loans secured by real estate. If your […]